“Find ever-lasting artisan and make it ours”
“Find ever-lasting artisan and make it ours”
  • Pascal Roulland
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[Euromic MICE NOW] French member company “HOLT DMC FRANCE”
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower


ㆍAnnual €7.5 billion industry, 25% of the French tourism industry
ㆍIndustry protected by artisans, including history, music, and fashion
ㆍClear distinction between PCO-DMC Professional virtuous cycle
ㆍ“Field-Centered”, Rookie’s thorough understanding of MICE

France is a country with a rich history and tradition. Even though French is the main language, most of people use English nowadays. In particular, people in the MICE industry have a good command of English as well. French with a Latin culture is very friendly and love to share stories. One of the examples is that due to cultural influences, many people spend more than three hours for dinner.

France is becoming reputable for being a tourist destination that attracts 83 million visitors every year and forms a tourism industry market worth of €34 billion. The MICE industry in France is €7.5 billion every year, which accounts for 22% of the tourism industry domestically. The MICE industry in France is closely linked to economic growth as tailored tour services manage meetings, conferences, and exhibitions to establish various professional business, culture or academic goals.

According to a report by Allied Market Research, a global industry trend research institute, the global MICE industry is estimated at €805 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to 7.6% annually by 2025. The market is expected to reach approximately €1.43 trillion.

Based on this, the MICE industry in France is also growing at 4% of the MICE industry in the world. This growth has a positive influence on the growth of various industries including companies, cities, and regions.


Popular Mediterranean cities - Cannes, Monaco, Nice

DMC strives to discover unknown attractions

Especially, the tourism industry in France is a global industry protected by craftmanship of history, culture, music, art, and fashion. As a result, tourists from the world continue to gather to introduce these craftsmen and to witness them nearby. This is another aspect of the French MICE industry growing.

Paris, the capital of France, still preserves its old culture and occupies the hearts of people with its iconic buildings, roads, bistros, and chic atmosphere. Second-tier cities are continuing to gain popularity as well. Mediterranean cities, such as Cannes, Nice, and Monaco, which attract a lot of tourists due to their mild climate and the presence of international events, are also a few of the most popular destinations and cities.

Nice beach
Nice, baie des anges

However, DMCs are still putting their efforts to develop places or cultural values that are not commonly known, believing that synergy between well-known cities can lead to sustainable development of the industry.

France’s MICE industry, which ranks fourth in the ICCA’s MICE industry host destinations, is characterized by a thorough distinction between PCO and DMC. We believe that each domain is different from each other. As client requests are very different from each other, we treat them as a separate entities and manage differently according to sectors.

Rookies of the MICE industry also have in-depth understandings of ideas and industries. This is mainly because they learned from on-site experiences of organizations or DMC professional agencies that can indirectly provide lessons on industry or business when students graduate from undergraduate study.

Versailles Palace
Bordeaux, Place de la Bourse
Seine River
Paris, Seine river

Managed by the author, HOLT DMC FRANCE was founded in 1960, managing a variety of clients and programs for 60 years. In particular, in 1982, the experience of running 12,000 people inside organizations is still memorable. The best part is that the entire session was conducted without any smartphones.

Anything will change with the times and era we live, but it is important to search for something that does not change and make it ours. I recalled that Korea is also a city with a rich history. We hope that you find out the true implications of real artisan and further develop it in the future.

※Photograph provided by Euromic Association

Pascal Roulland – Executive Director of HOLT DMC FRANCE



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