Attention focused on UNESCO Listed City ‘Lviv’ ... “Continuously growing as INCENTIVE venue”
Attention focused on UNESCO Listed City ‘Lviv’ ... “Continuously growing as INCENTIVE venue”
  • Dima Tantsiura
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[Euromic MICE NOW] Ukrainian member company ‘ALBATROS’
The Ukrainian capital Kiev, famous for its Orthodox Church and Baroque architecture.


  • Capital ‘Kiev’ – a green city with well-established traffic and infrastructure
  • Charms of Lviv’s exciting music and narrow alleys
  • More choices as there is no distinction between “MICE, Leisure, and tourist attraction”
  • For the US and EU, discussions ongoing for “No-entry visa” 

щасливого Нового року! (Happy New Year!)

A country with great history and vivid traditions, the largest populations in Eastern Europe and territories in all of Europe except Russia, the 17th century infamous army “Cossacks”, the world-famous boxing champion “Klitschko” brothers, “Kiev” is highly popular for Orthodox church and Baroque architecture. Ukrainian is the second best to listen to after Italian. How much do you know about UKRAINE?

Perhaps the best known about Ukraine is the capital Kiev. The country is a center of Ukraine’s politics, economy, culture, industry, science, and education with well-developed public transport and infrastructure. It’s a beautiful green city where more than 60% of the city is green land.

The city of Ukraine is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.
Lviv Opera House

Lviv, located in western Ukraine, is a UNESCO World Heritage city listed in 1998, significantly growing as a special area for INCENTIVE programs. At the last ICCA meeting, Lina Ostapchuk, Director of Lviv Convention Bureau, said that if you are visiting Lviv, you will discover a fascinating culture, including exciting music with passionate dancers in the heart of the city, diverse architectures, narrow cobbled streets, and cafes all over the place. She also said that Lviv is the best venue for INCENTIVE tours.


MICE revitalization government platform “ProZorro”

“Educations” on awareness is needed for hosting “Ukraine as venue”

Ukraine makes no special distinction between the MICE industry and the leisure and tourism industry. Even though there are no official statistics, a variety of MICE events is hosted and planned in Ukraine. There are also increasing numbers of venues for events and facilities with numerous options available.

Most recently, there is an increasing opinion that Ukraine should consider “No-entry visa” system for US and European Unions to vitalize MICE industry. Therefore, mitigating the visa process may be the easiest way to increase visits to Ukraine, and there is a growing awareness that their measures will ultimately help Ukraine people. The Ukrainian government is currently seeking collaborations with international organizations and institutions. Increased facilitation of mitigating or free visa process is extremely important to further attract INCENTIVE tourists.

Since 2015, the Ukrainian government has developed a government platform “ProZorro” to revitalize the MICE industry and improve work efficiency. “ProZorro” was developed to clarify all procurement procedures in the domestic industry and to stimulate the market by smoothing the the supply and demands of events.

Domestic planners such as PCOs and DMCs suggest that in order to establish and secure the Ukrainian MICE industry, it is advantageous to attract international conferences, but in the long term, education programs for planners should be prioritized and developed. The current educational program focuses on outbound rather than inbound. This causes the increment of Ukrainian’s outbound travels. On the other hand, it is very difficult to spread awareness of Ukraine as a host destination to foreigners.

Due to this local atmosphere, many foreign promoters often say that “In Ukraine, it’s hard to find a partner to join”. However, as the world highlights the growth of the MICE industry, we expect that the Ukraine MICE industry will grow to an international level.

※Photograph provided by Euromic Association

Dima Tantsiura ― CEO of Albatros

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