“Beneficial sharing for MICE Practician‧Beginners”
“Beneficial sharing for MICE Practician‧Beginners”
  • Kayla Lee – CEO of Channel K
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[Euromic's MICE NOW] Starting publishing series_ Euromic South Korea ‘Channel K’

There was a girl who saw the world through books and wanted to embrace it in her heart. Her passion originated from books she read during her childhood. Stories and information about countries and its cultures all around the world. She was amazed by books written by a professor Won-bok RHIE. Her life-time dream was to become a diplomat representing the country on behalf.

Now She works as a full time Professional Convention Organizer(PCO), Meeting Planner and as a respected destination marketing consultant.

At her field of business she continues and desires to be a ‘private diplomat’.

The above story is about Kayla, CEO of Channel K.

With over 15 years of experience in the MICE industry, Kayla and her company have achieved of becoming the one and only representative of Euromic Association for South Korea as a DMC (Destination Management Company). Channel K communicates with members across 53 countries worldwide to introduce South Korea and perform marketing/ global sales across all continents. The milestone of Channel K becoming a member of Euromic, sets the clock 2 years back with its reputation of sustainability of the company but also as an individual DMC/PCO expert. The process of being selected as a Euromic member, an individual must recieve recommendations from the Board members and must be verified with its stability of finance/Operation not to say its competitiveness meeting the global expectations along with compliance.


ㆍSouth Korea – Promoting a serial after in-depth consideration

ㆍGlobal Business – Sharing up-to-date information

ㆍKorea Delicacies – Minor agenda such as struggling foreigners

‘Client Hospitality’ Common Denominator Worldwide

Getting to know other countries and its culture it is essential to understand their lifestyle, food taste/preferences not to say their language and attitude when it comes to international MICE events worldwide. To avoid homesickness, Korean people tend to bring along their preferred goods during their travels. Based on my experience not only Koreans but foreigners also have the tendency to bring along their homesick-free goods to their travelling destinations. Typically in Korea foreigners occasionally have challenges when it comes to local meals. By creating an atmosphere and meals that are used to clients mood and taste no client have ever refused nor avoided such hospitality. with no exceptions all clients have the desire to be well taken care of and be treated as kings.

As a destination expert, despite fatigue and high level of stress, at the end of the day it all comes down to one thought. “Among thousands of visitors / participants world wide how many would actually would want to come back to Korea as a repeated guest?”


What if we prepared the prayer room without compass inside?

Which country likes gluten-free foods?

What kind of food should the Korean delegate in a bilateral meeting need to serve in order to be polite?

To what extent should the person need to perceive different kinds of Halal?

What if a venue can’t serve breakfast?

To find a solution to the above, Euromic members gather once every year at AGM to gather information and share history, culture and enlightening ideas to gain better knowledge of others. Due to such efforts, during the attendance of 2019 IMEX Franfurt Euromic was selected as top 5 DMC with highest number of meetings established during the show.

To celebrate and congratulate the first anniversary of MICE Industry Newspaper, I hope the upcoming series of Euromic destination articles would be beneficial and worthwhile for decision makers, young leaders in the MICE industry and for all subscribers.

Thank you and enjoy!

Kayla Lee – CEO of Channel K

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